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Egypt Customers visit Lixin to see the machines

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Egypt Customers visit Lixin to see the Automatic dripping machine and production line

PVC Automatic Dripping Machine Features:

1. Full-automatic processed by PLC, operate easily and accurately 

2. 12 guns with 12 colors, 12 guns can work at one time

3. Twelve procedures to choose from the touching operate button

4. Store hundreds of procedures in total

5. Without drop and leak and cost saving

Production Line Features:

1) It is suitable for smaller workshop and production.

2) Manual dripping worktable for making various sample fast.

3) Baking and cooling the mold automatically, can greatly improve the production efficiency and output.

4) labor cost saving, total 4-6 workers is enough.

5) More than 30% energy saving from closed baking oven with thermostatic temperature control and energy saving heating pipe.

Automatic <a href='/Product/0693813321.html' target='_blank'><a href='/Product/0693813321.html' target='_blank'>PVC Label Production Line</a></a>

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